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10 Weeks To Launch: A Grand Opening Marketing Campaign That Brings A Legacy (back) To Smithville, NJ

Updated: Jun 13

The Perfetti Family, owners of Surf Road Coffee Bar & Beach Bowls in Smithville New Jersey out front of their store
The Perfetti Family-(L to R)Jenna, Alex, Adam, Cole

Building a Brand in 10 Weeks: A Spotlight Marketing Case Study(our first ever)

Imagine this: you have a dream for a coffee shop, a family legacy to uphold, and 10 short weeks to make it happen. That was the reality for the Perfetti family and their new venture, Surf Road Coffee Bar & Beach Bowls, in Smithville, New Jersey. Enter Spotlight Marketing Solutions, tasked with transforming a name and a location into a thriving community hub that built a foundation on three generations, with eyes set to the future.

This isn't your typical grand opening story. A grand opening marketing campaign doesn't usually go this way. It's a testament to collaboration, community spirit, and the power of a strategic marketing blitz. Here's how, in just 70 days, we helped Surf Road Coffee Bar & Beach Bowls carve its niche in the heart of Smithville to reclaim their title as the coffee shop in the quaint historic town(e).


If at any point in time over the last thirty-ish years or so you've visited Historic Smithville, New Jersey's "Coffee Window", you've had the glorious bean juice of one master coffee roaster Adam Perfetti. He is a mad scientist of java, a sultan of joe, and he is incredibly passionate about his craft. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fabled "Coffee Window" was shuttered, never to be open again.

Now, this is the part where we will just fast-forward to 2024 and keep it light-hearted with saying that they went through some family tribulation, thus resulting in the formation of a fresh and totally separate entity that would become Surf Road.

By his side, his wife Jenna, with sons Alex & Cole taking the torch to become the 3rd generation of the family in this vocation- Alex taking on the day-to-day & management with Cole focusing on culinary and training.

Mom and Dad proudly took a step back to let the young men sharpen theirs skills…in shotgun wedding fashion.

From the Ground Up: Building a Brand Identity

Surf Road started with a nearly blank canvas. A basic logo was created, but didn't have much va-va-voom if you will. We tackled logo design, website development, and social media buildout presence, crafting a cohesive brand that reflected the family's warmth and the shop's vibrant energy. This included everything from eye-catching coffee cup sleeves to staff apparel, and communicating with local sign experts Eastern Sign Company for the shop's rooftop billboard, ensuring brand recognition at every touchpoint from day one.

original surf road coffee concept logo
Original Surf Road Logo Concept

Surf Road Coffee Bar Logo Design Project by Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC
Logo Identity created by Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC

SEO Savvy: Putting Surf Road on the Map (Literally)

A robust website with strategic SEO optimization ensured Surf Road appeared on local searches for "coffee shops near me" and "Smithville coffee." within a couple of weeks, with work still ongoing as the site will soon transform into a huge online resource for coffee-lovers(shoppers). Social media optimization and targeted ad campaigns further amplified their reach, generating a buzz before the doors even opened. Additionally, a verified Google Business Page has incredible SEO super-charging capabilities and is usually a mandatory facet of our attack, especially when it comes to a brick and mortar.

A Screenshot of google search results for "smithville coffee"
Google Search Results for "Smithville Coffee" as of June 12, 2024

Community Connections: Building Existing Relationships for Long-Term Success

Understanding the importance of community, we facilitated media outreach and influencer marketing, securing local media coverage and early visits from social media personalities. A ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Mayor and Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce solidified Surf Road's place in the Smithville landscape.

Galloway New Jersey Mayor Tony Coppola addresses the crowd at the Surf Road Coffee Bar Grand Opening on June 8th, 2024
Galloway Mayor Tony Coppola Doing His Best Braveheart Impression

Grand Opening Extravaganza: A Celebration of Community and Coffee

The culmination of 10 weeks of hard work arrived with a bang. Live entertainment, giveaways, and a celebratory atmosphere marked the grand opening, exceeding expectations with a turnout that showcased the community's excitement.

In The End, The Results Speak for Themselves!

Surf Road Coffee Bar & Beach Bowls isn't just another coffee shop. It's a testament to the Perfetti family's legacy and a vibrant new gathering place for Smithville residents, whether they love coffee, smoothies or Acai Bowls. They've garnered a loyal following in a short time, exceeding initial goals and expectations. Our social concentration leaned heavily toward local Facebook propagation within groups and tagging relevant local brands upon build-up.

Total social each of campaign over 6 weeks: 47.5k

Facebook Followers: 1,7k

Instagram Followers: 624

A Screenshot Of Social Media Results For Surf Road Coffee, Apr. 30-June 11
Social Media Results For Surf Road Coffee, Apr. 30-June 11

Key Takeaways: The Spotlight Marketing White Glove Advantage

This project highlights the power of a comprehensive marketing approach. From brand development to targeted outreach and grand opening coordination, we provided a one-stop shop for Surf Road's success. "Soup-to-nuts" as they would say....still not sure where that came from and I'm scare to look it up.

The Perfetti Family are a wonderful, whacky tribe whom(whomst?) I've grown very close with in a short amount of time. We get each other. We're all weird in our own way, we just want to succeed no matter what it takes, as long as we take the high road...and they sure have done that in the least year or so. They deserve this very much, and I thank them for the opportunity.

Forever Loving What I Do-

Paul Brown, Founder

Spotlight Marketing Solutions, LLC

609-318-4093 / Paul

Looking to launch your own dream venture?

Contact Spotlight Marketing Solutions today. We'll help you navigate the whirlwind of getting started and ensure your grand opening is not just a beginning but a launching pad for long-term success.


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